My Unusual New Years Wish


Dear friends, as we near the end of 2016 and getting ready to welcome 2017, I want to pause for a moment and share with you a last quick message for 2016, my wish, for all of us, for 2017 !

We always wish one another the very very best for the New Year, that all will go well and everything will just fall into place. Nothing wrong with that. But this year, my wish will be a little different, okay, maybe a lot different. Judge for yourself.

May your 2017 be filled with mistakes !

Okay, there you have it. Now that you got your breath back and have a deep urge to send me a nasty message, please read on.

Only when we make mistakes do we really live. Only when we make mistakes is it a sign of us attempting new things, does it mean we are hopefully doing something out of the ordinary. When we make mistakes it means we live life to the fullest, we are pushing ourselves, doing things we’ve never done before, reaching for goals we’ve never reached before and more importantly, we are at least giving something a go. In the process we live our lives to the best of our ability and we are attempting to change ourselves and change the world around us and hopefully, in the process, make a difference.

So for you and me, that is my wish for 2017 – for us to dare to make new mistakes, make some amazing mistakes and try to make mistakes no one ever made before. Don’t stop living, don’t stop dreaming, don’t think what your’e doing or who you are is not good- or perfect enough, because fact is, making mistakes mean you are living life and that should always be good enough.

Whatever it is you were too scared to do in 2016, around the corner is 2017, a new opportunity for you – JUST DO IT ! Go ahead, make your mistakes and above all, #LiveYourBestPossibleLife !

Why we should make mistakes :

  • Mistakes help us discover who we are
  • Mistakes teach us valuable lessons
  • Mistakes teach us how to forgive
  • Mistakes help us let go of fear
  • Mistakes teach us how to live life without regrets
  • Mistakes help us to grow and evolve
  • Mistakes teach us how to be truly happy

Happy New year Everyone !


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