Travel time is drawing close

Good afternoon everyone. A quick note from me.

Travel time is drawing close and in a few days I will be off to Canada. I must say I had a few busy days at the office after returning from Cape Town and I still have a few things to take care of before I can board that plane Sunday evening.

I am really looking forward to this trip and a lot is going to happen. Looking forward to spending quality time with my friend Karen and her family and also looking forward to seeing my friend Sue. Also going to spend Thanksgiving with Karen and her family in New Brunswick. This is also the time that I will get to meet Steve O’Brien and do a run with him as part of his cross-Canada relay. We will also be honored to have Steve as our special guest during Thanksgiving. How awesome is that.

One thing I am sad about is that Pieter cannot accompany me on this second trip to Canada; more so that he cannot join me for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. We did our first international marathon together, the Bangkok Marathon, way back in 2012. So I guess I have to run a super awesome race for the both of us, for my #Run4BibleRands initiative and for the Steve O’Brien Foundation.


Pieter and I before the Bangkok Marathon, November 2012

Another highlight for me is the flying part and more specifically ’cause I will get to fly on Emirates again and also because it will be on the awesome super jumbo Airbus A380, this will be for the flights between Dubai and Toronto. Yah the flights are long, but that is when one just make the most of it and enjoy the Emirates hospitality, so hey, why not.

Remember friends, you can still show your support by donating to my Run Toronto effort in support of the Steve O’Brien Foundation. More details here

Friends, I will do my level best to be in touch via Twitter, Facebook and this blog page to keep you all informed about what I am up to in Canada.

Until later then. Tale care and remember to live the best possible life you can.


Running the streets of Cape Town

Arrived back home today after a relaxing week in Cape Town after running the Cape Town Marathon last Sunday.

The weekend started off with us arriving with great excitement in the mother city on Friday, 18th of September. We headed straight to the expo to register for the race and pick up our goodie bags and race numbers. This process was quick and easy and well organized.

Later that evening we joined TeamVitality for their first ever TeamVitality #InstaRun. What a fun event this was. Not many team members pitched but those of us who did decide to beat the Cape Town weather definitely had a lot of fun and it was great to meet other TeamVitality members. Awesome bunch of people. A big thank you goes also to the TeamVitality team who organized this. You guys rock !!! We did a 5km run and bike ride and stopped all along the promenade to take some pics. Awesome stuff.



Sunday was race day. We stayed within walking distance from the start at Green Point Stadium. It took a quick strole to get us there and then we lined up in our starting pens. Was great to see some familiar faces there too and also great to hear of so many runners attempting their first marathon. What a place to do it. Cape Town.

In short. I loved the race ! The new route was well received by runners and I think this also motivated more runners to do the marathon. I think. This was also evident in the number of entrants for the marathon compared to last year. The water points were well stocked, friendly helpers and just a great spectator vibe. The enthusiastic screams and shouts really help when the legs are tired. Thank you to each and every volunteer and spectator who helped to made this race one to remember. Also a massive thanks to TeamVitality for the awesome hospitality at the finish line. You guys spoiled us so much and really made this a day to remember.

Just a little about my run. I had a good run. My pace was steady, breathing was good and my legs carried me to the end at an average pave of 6 minutes per kilometer. This was my first marathon post Comrades so I was more than happy with my results. I finished the race in 4:16:58 and more importantly, I felt great when ai finished. I will definitely be back next year for Cape Town Marathon number three.


A special shout out also to Elana Meyer and her team who are all standing rock solid behind this awesome race. I am committed to again do my bit to promote this race and to get people to challenge themselves. The #challengeyourself drive on social media I think was a great success and will definitely again be part of that too. I strongly believe that the Cape Town Marathon is definitely one of those must run races and I almost want to say don’t worry about the time, you have seven hours to complete the challenge.

Next up is my Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on the 18th of October and this race will be for charity, supporting the Steve O’Brien Foundation. I am really looking forward to this race too and cannot wait to represent TeamVitality in Canada. I will proudly wear the TeamVitality orange !

Representing TeamVitality in Toronto Canada

torontoIn two weeks time I will off to Toronto Canada to visit my friend Karen, but this holiday will be one with a difference. 13,300km away from home I will again have an opportunity to live out my motto, MAKING MILES AND MOMENTS COUNT.

I did write about this before, but here is a short recap. First I will be honoured to meet legendary Canadian athlete, Steve O’Brien who is currently busy with his cross-Canada relay for Youth and School Perseverance. In short, the goal of the CROSS-CANADA TOUR is to encourage kids to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams and to raise funds to help schools  and youth organizations make those dreams come true. I am going to meet up with Steve in New Brunswick where I will get to run a leg of his cross-Canada run with him. I also hope to share in a youth outreach on the same day.

After this I will head back to Toronto where I will line up to do the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on the 18th of October. This will be a charity run and I will do it to support the Steve O’Brien Foundation and all the proceeds and funds raised will go towards Steve’s cross-Canada Relay. I will also do the International Friendship Run on the 17th of October. How awesome to be so far away from home and also make a difference there in peoples lives.

Now the great news. I will be representing TeamVitality while in Canada and what a great honour for me to be able to also carry the TeamVitality brand with me to Canada. A big thanks to TeamVitality for the awesome good luck gift you guys blessed me with. I appreciate it big time. I will wear the TeamVitality gear with pride during my visit to Canada and thank you for supporting me in this special way. With weather changing in Canada from fall to winter, the long sleeve tops will sure come in handy.

I will sure do my very best to make TeamVitality proud and will definitely blog and tweet about my adventure in Canada so everyone can share in this great trip with me. It is going to be three weeks filled with so much opportunity and I will definitely return home with awesome memories.

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Running past the cemetery : A life Lesson !

During this morning’s race we ran past the Rebecca Street Cemetery. As we ran past it I remembered a sermon where Dr Myles Munroe shared the following words.

“Our graveyards are filled with potential that remained potential.  Buried beneath the soil of those sacred grounds are dreams that never came to pass, books that were never written, songs that were never sung, ideas that were never shared, paintings that never filled a canvas, visions that never became reality, plans  and inventions that never went beyond the drawing board of the mind, and purposes that were never fulfilled.  What a tragedy!”

I told Etienne Jordaan, who was running with me, about this.

My thoughts wondered off on this topic and I thought to myself, thinking about just athletes and potential athletes and how much potential lies buried in that one cemetery alone. He described potential as dormant ability, something hidden. It is who a person is, without anyone knowing it.

In the past few posts I have mentioned on various occasions that I am on a mission to help people to live their best possible lives. I am on the road, not for myself, but to first of all live a grateful life for the chance God gave me, to be healthy and able, but also to pay that forward, to inspire and encourage others to do the same – to find their full potential and continuously attempt to be a better version of who they are; to become who they were meant to be. We are on this earth not for ourselves, but to be in relationship with others and to make life worth a living. For me as a runner there is nothing more gratifying than to see how novice runners start to grow, to see them work hard towards unlocking that hidden potential in them; to do that first five, ten or twenty one kilometre race or even a marathon or ultra-marathon, and then witness the expression on their faces that shouts out with pride, “I did it!”

In the past few years I was so blessed to witness a few of these moments and every time it is a highlight for me and an honour to share in those moments.

If it is your dream to run a race, any race, whether it is a short or long run, I want to encourage you to start today to work towards that dream and to make it happen, make it a reality. Life is short and in one short moment life can change for us and we can become part of the “potential that remained potential”. Don’t postpone, do it now, love your dream, unlock your true potential and then also help others to do the same. Let’s all live the best possible life we can !

Some races “wow” us and others don’t…

The Value Logistics Addicted to Life Race this morning was on the tough side and a little disappointing to me; hence the very little number of pictures in the album.

We arrived early and registration went smooth. The separate starts were also welcome as this added some order to proceedings… A whistle set runners off. I mean really. Is gone control now such a big issue ins South Africa J Okay just joking, it was just weird.

The new route was a bit tough I have to say, some hills were challenging, to say the least but I guess it is good training, so that is all good, but, unless a whole massive part of the running field missed it, but the first water station was only around 6 km ( more or less ) and they only had water and the handing out of water there was also very slow. This is not acceptable. Really. It was a very humid morning and to run without proper hydration is not good.

I think organisers realised the problem at some time because a bakkie and a Value Logistics truck passed us at some stage and dropped some water in the middle of nowhere.

The rest of the race was okay. I can honestly not say that this was one of the most spectacular and enjoyable races ever, but it’s done and dusted and kilometres logged.

[ A few pictures here ]

“Pay it forward”

I think of the words I once read, “Aspire to inspire before you expire”. How true is this? The here and now is all we have to encourage and motivate people, to make a difference in people’s lives, wherever we are and wherever we go.

It is a fact that knowledge is useless and worthless if not shared. We have to share what we know and have learned to give that knowledge the power to touch and change lives. It was Maya Angelow who said, “When you know better you do better.” I definitely don’t see myself as Mr Know It All, not at all, I am learning every day, on every race, but that does not stop me from sharing what I do know with those who are hungry to learn. The knowledge I share mostly has to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and for the walkers and runners, tips about breathing, pacing and also to avoid overtraining. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of utter excitement to see how the people start to excel and become better.

I have recently met Yolandé on the road at ArthroChoice Midrand Striders Half Marathon. She is also a RunWalk for Life “family member” and I was instantly drawn to her enthusiasm and the will to do more, to go further. We were able to share a few kilometres on the race and had a chance to chat about what we do and why we do it. I again realised that we all, runners and walkers alike, have a story to tell. Yolandé is training for her first marathon more than convinced that she is going to hit this one out of the park. Good luck Yolandé !!!

In just over a month from now I will be in Canada where I will enjoy a well-deserved time of rest but in this time I will also meet Canadian athlete Steve O’Brien while he is busy with his cross-Canada Relay for Youth and School Perseverance. I am planning to do a run with him as part of the relay and wherever we arrive do a youth outreach with him, and then, shortly after that I will head back to Toronto where I will take part in the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I decided to do this race  for charity, and this will be for the Steve O’Brien Foundation. I ask people to support me by donating to this awesome cause and to help Steve “tell his story” in this special way. This is just again my way of “Making miles and moments count” even if I will find myself 13,300km away from home.

My friend Karen ( from Canada ) and I have also teamed up, even if we are so far apart, to assist Steve with things that need to be done, creating some awareness for his cause, just taking hands with this awesome guys. He is a man on a mission and we are proud to be a part of it. I heard yesterday that we are also going to spend Thanksgiving with Steve; how amazing to be able to welcome him into our “family”. God sure has a way to make thing work out for the good.

I want to encourage you to also make a difference when and where you can. Do not wait for the right time, the right time is now. I always think of the 2000 movie, “Pay it forward” In this movie little Trevor conjures the notion of paying a favour not back, but forward, repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people. Your action can spark a chain of good deeds and lives can be changed because of that single deed of kindness you have done. If you have a story to tell, tell it, it your life was changed, share it, and remember; the right time is now!

While I am on the topic of “touching lives” and “paying it forward” I am thinking of my dear friend Karen who also has her own story to tell and she decided to take up the pen and write about it; her way of sharing it with the world. Her book, “It’s my time” was published a while ago and this gives her such a unique platform to take her story to wherever people are. In her book. Find out more about her HERE and find out how she lost more than 127kg and how her life was changed, in fact, totally transformed.

I thank God for every single opportunity I have to be involved in the lives of people, for every opportunity I have to share my story and help others also to love the best possible life they can. Share your life and what you have received because you never know when someone will be touched by it, inspired to do the same and imagine the chain reaction that can be triggered just because you decided to share your story.