Wanderers Challenge 2015 done and dusted !


This was the first time I did the Wanderers Challenge and yah, there was a hint in the name of this race, but for some reason I missed it. It said “Challenge”.

Around 4000 runners and walkers pitched up this morning to take on this “challenge” in the half marathon, 10km and 5km distances.

The race routes wind their way through the beautiful suburbs of Melrose, Houghton Estate and through a part of James & Ethel Gray Park. These tree-lined streets are maybe beautiful to the eye but some areas are a true challenge to the legs. Looking at my run profile of this morning’s race the tough parts were around 13km, 18km and then 20km; guess that is where those unfriendly hills were. I guess it is good to have a challenging route like this as it provides a good training platform. We are yet to find a fast and flat race in this area of Johannesburg 🙂

The setting at the finish in the Wanderers Club was festive and the smell all kinds of take away foods like boerewors rolls and pancakes welcomed runners and walkers back.

The race was well organised, volunteers and marshals were friendly and water points were well stocked.

A last thought – I was just again amazed this morning by how impatient motorists can be, just ignoring instructions given by marshals and metro police and that idiot that fell asleep on his car’s hooter at the one intersection. I mean really. On the flip side of that, I was also yet again amazed at how arrogant some athletes can be. At the start there were various announcements about this, that no earpieces or headphones will be allowed; this is an IAAF and ASA rule but still athletes just blatantly ignore this. On our way to the car a lady came in with what looks like a big pink stereo on her head and I wonder how all the marshals on the route missed that. On the second lap alone I counted 78 individuals running with an earpiece if some sort, some trying to hide it, others just wearing it openly. I started to count after I saw a marshal telling a runner to take out his earpiece. Needless to say, the runner just ignored it and kept on running. For me the sad thing is, in typical South African style, this rule will ten to one only be seriously enforced when an athlete is either seriously or fatally injured or killed, and then it will be too late.


Article in The Sower Spring 2015 Edition

saaier sower

Douw Prinsloo is crazy about running but even he cannot go to the end of the earth. His support of the Run for Bibles project, however, ensures that the Good News which he cherishes so much will be proclaimed far and wide.

In 2009 Douw, then 40, decided to change his life. He was obese, sickly, unhappy with himself and most people perceived him as unfriendly. Thanks to much commitment and many hours in the gym, Douw started to shed the kilos. In January 2011 he completed his first race, a 5 km. Since then he has lost 53 kg, finished close to 200 races and ran more than 6 400 km.

“My proudest moment was when I finished the Comrades in 11:55:40 this year and secured back-to-back medals,” says Douw who completed his first Comrades in 2014.

It was also at this year’s Comrades Expo where Douw visited the Bible Society’s stall and registered to become a Run for Bibles athlete.

“I saw how easy it was to join and what a simple way it was to contribute to the distribution of the Word,” he says.

Douw says every day he rediscovers God’s love in a new way through reading the Bible.

“I need the Bible to know his will for my life. In the Word of God there are important guidelines which we all so desperately need to lead a long and fulfilling life. It is wonderful to be able to read the Bible in my own language and to be able to compare several translations. The Word of God is my bread, my life.”

Douw likes to encourage other athletes during races.

“I often do this and I find it symbolic of how in life God’s hand gives us a nudge when things are difficult. During this year’s Comrades I stopped just before Polly Shorts and sat down and prayed under a tree. I asked the Lord to help me to finish this important race. Then I wiped away my tears and ran the last couple of kilometres. I knew God was with me. As I ran across the finishing line I raised my arms in the air to give him the glory. Yes, I had just made it with only four minutes and 20 seconds to spare, but that too was a lesson – God promises that he will always be with us but that doesn’t mean that the road will be easy.”

Douw encourages other athletes to also run for Bibles. “This is one fundraising project that I think most athletes should definitely get involved in. In this way each step you run will bring someone else closer to a relationship with God.”

Original article available HERE
Join me, Show your support for Bibles, one step at a time #Run4BibleRands 

Do not allow others to snatch your dreams from you


It is really a sad day when other people start to dictate to you how big or how small you should dream.

A few years ago no one would believe me if I told them that I was going to get myself into shape or even take up running, not to mention the crazy idea to take on the world’s toughest ultra-marathon, the ultimate human race, Comrades. You can imagine the reaction I got from my friends and family. I must say, the support was next to nothing, amazing, unselfish. In general people never understood what I was doing, well, what I was trying to do, but they still supported me.

Well, this was my decision, my dream. I followed my dream, I trained, prepared myself. I did my first Comrades last year and this year, with all odds against me, I pitched up at the star line of Comrades again, this time for my back to back medal. On 30 May my dream became a reality, after a tough day on the road, I managed to drag myself over that finish line in Pietermaritzburg at 11:55:40, yes, I secured my back to back medal with a mere 4 minutes and 20 seconds to spare before the 12 hour cut-off.

This brings me to the matter at hand today; when you don’t have that support and people just don’t support you.

Before this year’s Comrades a few people I personally know decided to give up the dream and decided to pull out of Comrades 2015. For some of them this was just going to be just another Comrades and for some this was a little more special, it was meant to be their only shot at securing their back to back medal. People decide to pull out of race for various reasons, and some are really legit – this is not about those.

A specific runner, someone I know very well, pulled out, not because she did not want to do Comrades, but because she had to let go of this dream because of someone else’s selfishness and as a result of that, non-support. What a sad reality.

It was Theodore Roosevelt who said, “I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!”

In this process, the strong and fighting character I got to know on the road in some way died a slow and selfish death and we now miss her fighting spirit and support especially on those long, trying and defining races. As we continue on this journey that we are on, we will continue to follow our own dreams and give it our very best shot to make it become our reality.

When we follow our own dreams, I think it is only human that we expect support and encouragement from the people we consider close to us; instead some of us only experience rejection and criticism.

We have to learn not to care so much about what others think.

Remember that your passion is the priority. Try to avoid that “What if…” moments. A lot of people go through the motions in life, not doing what they love or dream about. They end up constantly looking back with regret at the things they dreamt about but did not do.

Whether people support you or not, I beg you, please try to avoid that moment when you look back with regret at those dreams you never followed. Your dreams are the most important things in your life. Follow your heart and do what is right for you and avoid a life lived to please and live up to other’s expectations. This is your life and ultimately your responsibility.

Remember, life is short and we have but one life to live, but if we do it right and to the fullest I guess once is enough.

Living the life others want you to live makes you nothing but a puppet on a string. This is plain wrong. It is important to live your life both to live out your dreams but also to bring you to the place where you can reach and fulfil your own full potential. Again, life is short, make the most of it.

It is also important to know that people often don’t support us just because they do not want us to fulfil our dreams but merely because they just don’t understand us and they do not see what drives us. This often make them seem dissenting, bit it is not the case.

I personally try not to take it to heart when people discourage me. I realize that they are uninformed and often it is best just to ignore them.

Another fact is that people often do not support us or do not allow us to live our dreams because they have their own insecurities and difficulty to focus on and live out their own dreams. This is sad but true. Often this is a major obstacle couples have to overcome, where the one dreams big and the other not at all. Unfortunately the reality here is that this could be as a result of plain ignorance or even stone cold jealousy.

I have used this quote a zillion times before, even in the video I did with Discovery on Medical Miracles. It was Madiba who said, “It always seems impossible until its done.”, so remember, anything is possible. I am living proof of this.

We cannot predict the future, no one can, but do not get caught up on the doom and gloom of what others believe is possible or not. Dream big and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Don’t let objections from others become your truth and limit you from creating what you want in life. Fact is, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard.

You have to believe that you can realize your dreams without those who do not want to support you. I’ve said this before and feel the need to repeat myself – yes, it is natural to want support and encouragement from those close to us, but it is possible to do what you want to do without it also. It is fact that many successful and inspiring people took the road less travelled. The potential to realize your dreams is locked up inside of you and you have to believe that, believe it and then don’t give up. Pursue your own dreams, live your own life and become the best version of who you were meant to be.

Let me share this last thought. We all have to learn that we cannot please everyone. It is virtually impossible. So, keep your focus on what you want to do and why.

In an ideal world, I think we all would love to be constantly surrounded by positive people who will support us in everything we do, but this is not going to happen. Reality dictates that there will always be those who will want to drag us down with them to their graveyard of unaccomplished and unfulfilled dreams and where negativity reigns.

Friends, dream big and optimize your talents. Our lives are filled with timeless opportunities, we need to seize every opportunity and make it great. Do not allow others to snatch your dreams from you. That’s all folks. now go and chase your dream; make it happen.

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One weekend, two races, two medals, sore legs, all topped off with great memories…


Yesterday we had the RE/MAX Wierie Half Marathon at Centurion Mall.

This race was well organised and a lot of runners came out to support it. From the start the challenge starts just as you pass the old Centurion Lake ( or shall I rather say, what’s left of it ). The continuous quite steep climb started along Johan Heyns Drive all the way to the top at the corner of Station & Burger Streets. By the time we turned right there we were really tired already. The rest of the circular route was manageable, until we got to the corner of Von Villich Ave and Gerhard Street; the right turn there after the first lap announced the second round of climbing, again right to the very at the corner of Station & Burger Streets. Must say, on the second lap that never ending uphill really got to me.

The rest of the race was okay. I was really glad when we got to Johan Heyns Drive where we turned left and from there we just had a short dash to the parking area where the race finished.

This morning runners gathered at Kyalami Equestrian Park for the ArthroChoice Half Marathon. The route takes runners and walkers through the quiet country roads of Kyalami and Sun Valley, a really stunning area to run through. Athletes are always treated to beautiful views and also have to work a little harder when they face some challenging undulating roads. The last kilometre or so to the end up Lipizzaner Road is always a challenge.

After yesterday’s RE/MAX Wierie Half Marathon I knew today was going to be a slower and more relaxed run, but on the route this morning my legs confirmed this, loud and clear. My average pace was around 6 min / km.

You guys know me by now, always on the lookout to MAKE MILES AND MOMENTS COUNT and this morning I was blessed to meet a lovely girl on the road, Yolande Van Der Schyff, also from Run Walk for Life. We kept on passing one another until we decided to make it a joint venture of some sort to the end. The company made that last 4 odd kilometres shorter indeed. This girl is on a mission, her first marathon soon and then onto bigger things, Comrades. I will definitely be on the lookout for her on the road to inspire her and to cheer her on.

Well that is a wrap; one weekend, two races, two medals, sore legs, all topped off with great memories. What more can a guy ask for. Happy running everyone.

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Walk, Run & Roll with Steve O’Brian : Canada 2015


Friends, I have exciting news

Many of you might know already that I’ll be visiting my friend Karen in Toronto later this year in October. I am off to Canada on the 4th of October and will return home on the 26th of October.

My motto, “MAKING MILES AND MOMENTS COUNT”, will, during this trip, get new meaning. I told Karen that if I pay almost R13,000 for a plane ticket then I want to make the most of every moment. From the beginning I said that I wanted to spend as much as possible time with her but also do something for charity, but we were not sure what, but now things have changed.

Apart from doing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on the 18th of October, there has been a new development. Karen worked her magic and hooked up with Steve O’Brien, founder of the Steven O’Brien Foundation. Steve is a Canadian athletic icon with lots of accolades behind his name. He was part of Team Canada between 1989 and 1994, participated in Commonwealth Games, he was a champion in the 400m, Canadian medallist also in the 400m, is a three times gold medalist in the World Masters Championship in 2005 and Olympic Torch Bearer for Canada. The list goes on.

Well, this amazing guy is currently busy with his Cross Canada Relay for Youth and School Perseverance. He is covering around 50km per day using various forms of mobility traveling across Canada from East to West. The goal of his cross Canada tour is to encourage kids to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams and more to the point, to raise funds to help schools make those dreams come true. His amazing journey started in April and he plans to finish on 8 December. During this cross Canada tour, when he reaches a town he visits schools, boys and girls clubs, skate parks and community centres to share his message and inspire the youth and adults alike.

Well, here is the news. Karen made contact with Steve and spoke to him about my ‘dream’ to make this trip count in more than one way and he wholeheartedly embraced the idea of doing something with me. The plan is to run a 10k or 20km run with him and then wherever we end up, also do a community outreach with him. Right now the plan is to meet up with him in Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick province.  The details and date will be confirmed soon, but I do know that it will be either the 13th or 14th of October 2015.

My motto, “MAKING MILES AND MOMENTS COUNT” will be realised once again. Again this will be such a great opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I have already entered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon which takes place on the 18th of October, and I have also decided to also run this marathon in support of the Steve O’Brien Foundation and to support his amazing cause.

Please support me to support Steve and his Foundation.

Here is how you can show your support to me when I do the Charity Run with Steve O’Brien and the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on the 18th of October, also for the Steve O’Brien Foundation.



If you head over to Steve’s web page, http://transfert.steveobrienfondation.com/en/home/8-5.html  you can make a donation there using your VISA or MASTER cards. Any amount will help, there is no minimum or maximum amount. BUT please, when you have made your donation, please send me your name and the amount donated so I can provide Steve with a list of names of people who have donated to this cause, and also for me to keep everyone posted on the amount we have donated to this cause.

Inform me of your donation : Click Here
( Include your name / amount donated & message of support )


If you are in South Africa you can pay the money into my account and use the reference “SOF-CANADA+SURNAME” and I will then make sure that the Foundation gets these donations. Please also let me know when you have made your donation, your name and amount, so I can also add those to the list and make sure the foundation gets every cent of it. Friends, remember, it is not about how much you give that matters but the fact that you do.  R10, R20 or R100 whatever, every contribution will help and make a difference.

Bank Details :

Bank : Nedbank
Acc Nr : 1026949017
Montana Branch
Branch Code : 194905

Inform me of your donation : Click Here
( Include your name / amount donated & message of support )


Also please keep Steve, his whole support team and myself in your prayers and in your thoughts so we can remain healthy and fit to do this for the kids of Canada.

I will post more on this matter as details become available. Please support this worthy cause and support Steve and his Foundation in reaching their goal. You and I can make a difference.

I close with the words of Nelson Mandela, my favourite motivational quote : “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”



Web Page of Steve O’Brien Foundation

Promo Video of the Cross Canada Relay

Steve O’Brien Foundation on Facebook

Running Shorter Distances and what they are good for…

During the shorter runs, like your 5 – 10km runs, it is always a great time to focus on your stride. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks since I started my post-Comrades training and just love it. My speed have improved and I lost close to 5kg. Here is what to do…

The goal is to make each stride easy and effortless and to do this you must try and maintain a consistent forward tempo. Depending on the route, try to increase your strides in order to better your efficiency and distance. Remember, your pace will decrease the more time your foot is on the ground. This can wear you out quicker. This is where that “tired” feeling in your legs and faster and more shallow breathing will originate from. To keep this from happening, try to lessen the time between lifting your foot into the next stride.

With that said, you should also them focus on your “kick”. Like the body’s stance, your kick at the end of the stride should have some bend. It is simple, a straight leg slows the pace and stride, to speed up and get into that comfortable stride, you have to kick your heel up as you stride forward. The “kick” is not easy to do, but with time you will get to master it.

Finally, your arm motion is also very important. Obviously people’s arm motion differs, but there is the typical arm motion, and that’s your hand in a slight fist with the arms pumping forward and backward. Some runners prefer to focus on the forward action and many others believe the emphasis should be on the backward, because it will maintain the proper stride and stance. test this and see what works for you.

While you are doing your shorter distances and have the opportunity to work on your speed and stride, keep your form constantly in mind. Key here is to find a comfortable form that works for you. If you feel your running form needs improvement, put these tips to work for you.

Happy running everyone.

WITS Half Marathon Road Race


This morning runners and walkers gathered at WITS University Alumni Club for yet another day of running and this time it was the WITS Half Marathon Road Race.

This morning runners and walkers gathered at WITS University Alumni Club for yet another say of running.

Registration was quick and hassle free and when we got to the club tent area at the finish line we were met by a festive atmosphere and runners and walkers shared some past race thoughts about the rather tough route profile that was awaiting us, but no matter what the route is like, everyone were keen to get it on, for some the first race for the weekend and for others, like us who did the race in Pretoria yesterday, this was race number two. We were certainly in for a tired leg treat.

The start was quick and hundreds of runners quickly bottlenecked the gate area to leave the varsity grounds into Empire Road. Once out of the grounds many runners manoeuvred their way past the slower runners to get themselves into race mode but we were all slowed down in an instant when we made that right turn into Wabord and then Gale Road. From there the road led through parts of Westcliff, Greenside and Richmond. This was a double lapper of the ten kilometre route. On the second half I met up with Elaine Reyneke and we had a steady average pace of 6:00 minutes per kilometer.  When we turned into Empire road for the second time we knew it was now time for the home run.

I have decided yesterday already that this was going to be an easy steady paced run with no reason to rush. We crossed the finish line in 2:07:13.

All and all it was a great run, challenging but nice.

That’s a wrap for the weekend running.

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